Truth in Advertising.

Trust an Entertainment Company that is straight forward and honest.    When you meet with vendors, the best gauge of their level of expertise might be their "humility."   

  This post is purposely Humorous with a tinge of sarcasm....  but the post is intended to open the eyes of brides and grooms in helping them choose the right entertainment as well as other professional wedding vendors.  

Bridal couples have become more educated with their wedding vendor decisions over the past 30 years.          Some of the most absurd advertising statements may include "Over 60 Years of Combined Experience"......Most brides and grooms can see straight through this tricky and quite unimportant advertising method.     Is combined experience the same as actual experience?       And when a company adds up individuals years of many events has each individual really performed in those years.....A DJ that entertains for  one wedding a month does not have the same "years of experience" as a DJ that performs 3 weddings a weekend. 

Phantom Shadow Entertainment could offer a legitimate "combined experience" statement....

Donovan Yaukey 30 Years as DJ, 7 years as drummer in a weekly working band = 37 Years

M. Ordean Yaukey  He's 70 now and has been performing on stage since he was 5 = 65 Years

Jennifer Yaukey:   Started DJing in 1989 as Simply Blonde, Married the founder (me) and has been blissfully entertaining as a DJ full-time ever since. = 25 Years

Jon Smithfield = 7 Years and even was a Sales and Banquet Manager during that time for a year and a half.  That year and a half could equal 10 years experience compared to a DJ that works 4 weddings a month. 

Mr. J John Allen.  Started DJing in 1984 with Blue Jeans = 30 years

Angie Danko = 10 Years

So far we are up to 174 years of combined experience.  

A better question when hiring an entertainment company might be "How long has the DJ been an EMPLOYEE of your company?"     Employees versus Subcontractor versus works under the table illegally is a different blogging subject.

Another question for any vendor might be...."What were you doing full-time 5,10,15, or even 20 years ago?"

And by the way, I have 4 hours of combined blogging experience.  I will need to ask the other office fun crew staff if they have any minutes of blogging experience that we can add up and feel like we are blogging pros. 

Donovan Yaukey

CEO & Founder of DJ Humor and Truth in Advertising



I reviewed this blob 24 hours after I wrote it and I feel very strongly that consumers should question any and all advertising.   I believe in Truth in Advertising.