Do you attend industry educational conventions?

Disc Jockey professional entertainers who strive to provide cutting edge services attend industry educational seminars.  

There are several educational industry events such as the International Disc Jockey Expo produced by DJ Times in Atlantic City every August.  There are also two Las Vegas Mobile DJ conventions.   In addition to mobile DJ expos, Wedding Wire offers several two day educational events throughout the USA.  

Why is continuous education necessary for the Wedding DJ Professional?    The concept of staying on top of the industry is very similar to accountants, doctors, and other professions that are constantly changing.    With change, training is necessary. 

A great question for a wedding DJ that you are considering for your special day is, "Do you attend the educational seminars for your industry?"    If they say yes, have them explain some of the things they have learned.  If their answer is about equipment, you might want to reconsider your choice.  While equipment plays an important role in the success of your wedding, the person you choose to orchestrate your event is far more important. 

I believe a well educated Disc Jockey can provide a quality of service that will give you the security in knowing that you have hired a trusted professional. 

-Donovan Yaukey

CO-CEO and Founder of Phantom Shadow Entertainment