Do you fear The Toast and what your Best Man will say? - Donovan Yaukey

Fear not.  Phantom Shadow Entertainment's Disc Jockeys have experience with helping you avoid a toast in poor taste.   Over 52% of brides wish they could change the toast that was given at their wedding reception.      

Our journey experiencing Best Man Toasts began in 1985.    As a Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies, part of my job is to be invested in the event and be watching the body language of the key people....bride, groom, mother of bride (very very important), father of bride, grooms parents, and the addition to coordinating all the activites between the caterer, photographer, videographer, officiant, etc.

90% of the toasts I've heard over the past 29 years could have been produced better.

10% of the toasts have been touching and moving...and not too long. 

How do I help avoid a bad Toast?     I will visit with the Best Man and review the toast he has planned.  If he says, "I'm going to Wing It,"  I will certainly share my thoughts....which will be  "We have a problem Houston."       The Best Man's toast should be rehearsed by the Best Man.    Most Best Men are not public speakers who can engage an audience.

I can help by guiding the best man in producing a successful toast that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Bad Toast Examples:  

I recall one toast where the best man stood up and said "I'm getting tired of renting tuxes for your weddings."   The look on the Brides side of the audience wasn't happy.  Obviously the groom had been married before and the best man had to rent a tux for that day.

I recall another toast where the best man was so happy that the groom chose this bride over a previous girlfriend.   Did the entire audience realize what he was talking about, no....but the bride certainly knew, and I'm sure the bride really didn't need to be thinking about the previous girlfriend on her wedding day at the wedding reception during the toast.

As a bride, be sure to discuss with your DJ how he will handle the toast with the best man.  If your DJ says "I give him the mic and he does his toast..."  I would consider whether or not your DJ has the culture and experience necessary to orchestrate the best day for you.

Although the toast is the number thing 52% of brides would like to change about their special day, remember the day is about you and your partner starting your new journey as husband and wife, husband and husband, or wife and wife.

-Donovan Yaukey, CEO Phantom Shadow Entertainment Services