Paintball Live on Campus  

Phantom Entertainment is the exclusive provider for Paintball Live On Campus.   To book Paintball, please call our brother's company Phantom Entertainment at 717-258-4401.  Paintball must be contracted directly with the source.  

Games are played quickly and similarly to Speed Ball allowing many different people to participate in a 4 hour period.

Includes: Arena, paintball markers(guns), air tanks, paintballs, protective wear (masks, gloves, jerseys, and pants), referees, and bunkers are all provided. All participants are required to sign a liability waiver.

Recommended Dimensions: 100ft long x 65ft Wide x 15ft high

Power Requirements: 3 AC circuits (110 volt, 15 amp minimum.

*NEW Smaller Arena*

Slightly smaller size arena available


The new smaller arena requires a space
65ft x 45ft.

Power requirements are 3 AC circuits (110 volt, 15 amp minimum)

Need to move indoors?

If weather does not permit us to operate outside, now we can move inside with or without the arena and use all the great bunkers with our new system of Air Bunker Balls. It works the same as paintball except you shoot foam balls. We still use the same jerseys, markers, masks, etc. Airbunker ball is also available instead of paintball at any time.