Monkey Motion Extreme Air Quad Pods

Manufactured by Extreme Engineering, the Monkey Motion, also called "Quad Pods" is very similar to a bungee effect. The advantage of the Monkey Motion over a Euro Bungee is the number of participants we can accomodate and the size of the participants. The Monkey Motion allows participants up to 250 pounds to enjoy the ride.  Euro Bungee specifications do not permit the same weight.  We replace our poles annually as required by state laws and manufacturer specifications.

The Monkey Motion attraction allows the jumpers to do flips, twirls, and a 360...only if you are extreme enough!   Up to four participants at a time.

This is similar to a Trampoline Thing, Bungee Extreme, Vertical Bungee, Euro-Bungee unit, except it doesn't use any bungee cords. The bungee cord systems require changing the bungee cords based on the participants weight. The Monkey Motion Pole system is allows more participants to enjoy the attraction during the event time.

Therefore it is acceptable for use in all states including Pennsylvania and Maryland.

The Monkey Motion Extreme Air Quad Pods is one of our most popular attractions. Everyone loves the Extreme Air Bungee Jumper system. If you like jumping, this will be a thrill for you!

  50' L, 50' W, 30' H and requires 2 twenty (20) amp electric sources within 50 feet of the setup location.

We can provide 1, 2, 3, or 4 quad pods for your event.

We are certified inspectors in the state of Pennsylvania for this attraction.