Phantom Shadow Entertainment began with inflatables in 1993.   We have over 20 years of full-time experience.  This is not a hobby.  This is our living and we are passionate about safety. 

Phantom Shadow Entertainment follows all federal, state, and local laws and regulations with all of our amusement attractions.  Safety is never compromised.  If you find a cheaper rental price, please call us at 717-532-9618.    There are many "new" inflatable companies that do not follow the regulations which can by risky for your guests.      (If you are a new company and would like advice, please call Donovan Yaukey at 717-860-6466)

Phantom Shadow Entertainment and Phantom Entertainment have over 25 Pennsylvania State Certified Amusement Ride Inspectors.    We are assist the state with the bi-annual safety training seminar.   Safety education is treated very seriously at Phantom Shadow Entertainment.

Made in the USA.  Phantom Shadow Entertainment is made in the USA.    

If you purchased a residential bounce house from a big box store, we suggest that you return it and ask for your money back.      We suggest you trust the safety of your children and guests only on industrial bounces and that you have a professional anchor them and train you to use them.   Again, Safety is serious business for us.

Here are just a few things you should consider before jumping on any bounce house:

(1)  Is the bounce anchored correctly to the ground and you might want to ask if the person who erected the bounce has safety knowledge and experience. 

(2) Is there a cushion mat at the entrance.

(3) Is there a barrier around the bounce. (Required by ASTM standards)

(4) Is there a State Inspection plate on the Blower (PA, MD, W.VA, etc)

(5) Has the bounce been inspected by a Certified PA Amusement Ride Inspector.  Ask to see the inspector and view his/her license.

(6) Does the inflatable look safe?

(7)  Is it windy?  If it is windy, don't use the bounce.

Moon Bounce Safety & Setup Videos

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