Rapid Fire

The Rapid Fire is a brand new inflatable interactive game that allows four people to play at one time.  It is best played with two teams of two people each. An attached bungee restricts the movement of all the players making this a fun game to watch or play. When four people play, they divide into 2 teams. Each team member is attached by bungee cord to an opposing player. When the operator says "GO", each team member trys to get all their balls through the holes onto the other side. 

Dimensions are: 35' x 12' x 10' high and requires 1 power circuit.

Notice the three holes in the netting (pictures above). Opposing players are positioned across from each other. As one player throws their balls through the holes, the other player trys to get his / her balls through the same holes. Also notice how opposing players are attached to the same bungee cord (pictures below).