Sumo Wrestling Suits & Sumo Ring

Participants are whisked into the world of sumo wrestling as soon as they step into the huge foam filled suits.  This is fun for participants and spectators alike.  Participants are encouraged to respect sumo rules and traditions. 

The Sumo Events will include 2 Trained Phantom Staff Attendants,  2 Foam Sumo Suits, New Inflatable Arena around Sumo ring, 2 Wig Style Safety Helmets, 1 14'x14' Safety Mat, and 2 pair of Mittens.  You should allow for an area of 25'x25'.  One 15-amp breaker is needed for the inflatable arena.  

Participants must be tall enough to fit correctly into our suits.  We recommend Sumo for Teens and Adults only.   We will not provide Sumo wrestling at Elementary Schools, as the majority of students cannot safely participate in Sumo Wrestling, due to their height.

Waivers are required to be signed to use the Sumo Suits.